Friday, January 31, 2014

How High's the Propane, Mama

(A take on a Johnny Cash song), but really.....$4.69/gallon and rising.  Last week it was near $3.00.  I ask BH  "isn't this price gouging??...and isn't that against the law??"

He checks our tank every other day.  So far we're doing ok.  Provided the "Polar Vortex" doesn't last into April.  Fingers crossed.  It's Minnesota, after all.

It figures, doesn't it....our first year with a furnace and we have unending days and nights with the coldest temps in over 30 years.  Murphy, you son-of-a-gun.

Well I've been on a muffin binge these past few days.  Probably not the best idea....the oven going for hours....using more propane.  But sometimes you just have to look adversity in the face and say "screw YOU!"  Although....who gets screwed in the end remains to be seen.

Oh, yes, muffins.  A couple of weeks before Christmas, I told BH what I would really like is the big, honkin', "Texas" muffin pans.  I'm sick of puny, teensy, tiny, little bitty muffins and cupcakes.  What a waste of time and energy.  I want BIG ones.  So....while out shopping one day, I picked up 2 pans.  Because one makes only 6.  I almost choked on the price...a little over $6.00 each.....but I guess that's the "Texas" price tag, too.

Anywho,  I decided this was the week for muffins.  I'm going to freeze a bunch of them; I can make all different kinds; give some of them away; have a quick breakfast for family.  And so...the freezer is just about full of bread, streudels and muffins.

Banana nut, blueberry, brown sugar streusel and apple cinnamon.  Next up is raspberry/blackberry and then I want to try strawberry/cream cheese.  There are a dozen plus 2 or 4 of each kind.  I found the recipe for basic muffins on the internet.  It's a simple recipe and works great for adding whatever you want.  Maybe things really are better in Texas!

So Sunday is SuperBowl.  Big deal.  Son who lives nearby will be coming over to watch the game with BH.  And staying until Tuesday.  Because on Tuesday, he and BH are going to the Casino for an overnighter.  WooHoo!!  Hallelujah and thank you, Jesus!!  I'm getting him out of the house for a couple of days.  I've got so many things planned to do!  I can stay up all night!  Do whatever I whatever I whenever and whatever I want. 

I haven't felt such freedom since...well, I don't really know when.  But it's been way too long.

I used to have a bit of that freedom throughout the summer when BH was still fishing.  He would leave at 4 am and not come home till 6 or 7 pm.  The whole day!  To myself!  I'd get up with him, see him off, do the housework, laundry, prepare dinner, run errands and be done by 11 am!  Solitude!  Love it!

It would make winter bearable just knowing that as soon as the ice was off the lakes, he'd be out enjoying his only hobby. Well, he gave up fishing a few years ago.  So, aside from cutting the grass all day or out chopping trees down, he's with me all day.  Every day.  Every hour...of every day. 7 days a week.  Winters are almost unbearable.

Our son used to call him and invite him to come over for poker night.  No. He didn't want to leave me alone in the evening.  Whhhaatt?!  Get real!  But he wouldn't go.  Damn.

Oh, he's not a bother.  He lets me do whatever I want anytime; never says a negative word about anything.  But it's just the fact that he's a man...and he's here.  I keep telling him we all need our space, our alone time; this being together 24/7 isn't what it's cracked up to be.  And then I feel bad because I've hurt his feelings. 

But, anyway, he's going away for 2 days!!  I'm going to love every minute.  Until it gets around 10 pm.  It's dark.  It's quiet. I'm alone.  I miss him.  I can't wait till he gets home tomorrow.

And that is what love and marriage is all about.  Thank you, Jesus.

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Judy said...

Indeed it is. Muffins all sound delicious. Hope the propane holds and the vortex pulls back up north before April!