Sunday, January 19, 2014


Nope.  It's Merino.  6#s.  Dyeing the last 2 today.  Trying for light brown with splashes of light pink and maroon. I'm doing the overall brown with tea bags; never dyed with them before.  Fingers crossed.

I'll post pictures of the green....2#'s painted and 2#s ombre soon.  Gotta download them from the camera.

I think I've got about 5#s of white Border Leicester yet.  Ooohhhh, envisioning more colors!

Have a great weekend!


Sandra Knapp said...

Border Leicester is my wool of choice, when it comes to spinning. Never dyed any myself. Bought it already dyed. LOL Looking forward to seeing how everything comes out.

Linda said...

I love BL. To me, it's almost as soft and gorgeous as Merino; spins like butter!