Monday, January 13, 2014

Waiting for the Next Shoe to Drop......

I am so upset, I just want to sit and cry all day.  My insides are in a twist. I feel helpless and extremely anxious because I want to do something; I need to do something.  I need to get this off my chest.

Our granddaughter called Saturday night.  She has been having an issue with her right hip since Basic Training.  But Friday, she was in such pain, she said her legs started shaking uncontrollably.  Her back has been bothering her for a month or so also.

She's been resisting going to the base clinic because she didn't want to be put on medical leave.  Her schooling would suffer, she wouldn't be able to complete the required courses within the time frame, and she would wind up staying longer than April in order to finish her training.

But Saturday she went to the base hospital and saw the doctor.  Xrays were taken and an examination was done.  She has 3 vertebrae that are turned inward; the results of the xrays won't be in until today.  The doctor put her on bedrest and prescribed Ibuprophen and a muscle relaxer; told her to use a heating pad as much as possible.  No marching; no PT; no bending or lifting.

And here's the rub.  Her platoon received 2 new sargeants after Christmas leave.  Apparently, the new sargeants are on a power trip.  Besides their breaking rules/regulations as far as the soldiers go, it seems the one (a female), is totally disregarding the doctor's orders.  She will not let our granddaughter go back to her dorm after chow or formation.  She insists that she partake in the hikes, marches, and PT.  She would not allow her to go to the PX on Saturday to buy a heating pad.

Now granddaughter says she is in more pain yesterday than she was when she went to the clinic.  And she's scared.  Scared to death that this is going to turn into something serious enough that she'll be discharged from the Army.  Scared that she won't be able to finish her courses on time and her training will be extended. 

She is in the Aviation Regiment.  She's training to repair the helicopters.  This means parts that weigh 50# + and her tool box that weighs 60#s; it involves torque wrenches that are 5 ft. long.  And that each trainee works by partner. 

She is also 3rd in her class, she is smart, respectful, disciplined and "gung-ho". 

I want to rip somebody's face off.  The female sergeant first.

The whole company (3 platoons) have been complaining about their treatment since Christmas leave.  Saturday night they had a meeting with the Commanding Sargeant Major and voiced all the complaints.  He was pissed about the new sargeants to say the least.  Granddaughter said he apologized to them, said a lot of the actions the sargeants were taking were against regulations and that he would take care of the situation and the mistreatment would end.

So far, nothing has been done.  But she did say that yesterday the new sargeants were being very obvious is their different demeanor towards the soldiers.  Not a 360, but enough to know something was in the wind.

I feel so bad for her, it's like I'm so keyed up I need to DO something for her.  And all I can do is pray, pray, pray that everything will get right, she'll get the proper treatment for her back and be healthy.  And in the meantime, just keep giving her words of encouragement and positive thinking.

You may think I'm a little over the top on this.  But there's a bit of history here.  It would take another hour of writing to tell you all, but suffice to say, she is the oldest of 4; she was a straight "A" student in high school; she is kind and compassionate.  However, her mother, our daughter, has had mental problems almost all her life.  Bad life choices, bad relationship choices, nasty, vindictive and hateful.  4 days before high school graduation, she threw her daughter out of the house.  Why? Because our daughter was now pregnant with her 4th child, by a 3rd man, at age 41; by a man she barely knew in high school, that she re-connected with by Facebook.  A man who did time in prison for bank robbery, is a known drug dealer and user and lives 1/2 way across the country in New York. 

Our granddaughter was so upset when she heard the news, and then her mother tried to talk her into postponing her Basic Training so she could stay home and help with the new baby.  She refused.  So....she got thrown out.  The police were involved, so that she could get her personal belongings out of the house....she still had a few days of school left and a couple of exams to get through.  She went to stay with our son and his fianc√©.  Her mother sent her off with this: "well, good luck getting your head blown off in Afganistan", and hasn't spoken, or had any contact with her since.

There are other bad, even horrible incidences that she has been through this past year and a half that would've broken any 18 year old kid with less stamina.  And yet, she doesn't smoke, drink, do drugs or chase after the guys.  She's focused, knows what she wants with her future, and is trying so hard to achieve her goals. This is definitely the last thing she needed.

Thank you for "listening".


Judy said...

Ohhhhhh that ticks me off! When my daughter was in BCT at Ft Jackson we went down for graduation. Daughter was on her time with us and while we were carrying on a private conversation this female ds interrupted us by yelling at "Goldilocks" that she had a strand of hair getting ready to fall out and t hen walked away. First I was shocked and then I wanted to go pop her in her rude condescending mouth. I pray your grand daughter gets the medical attention she needs and is able to finish with her group. {Hugs to you and her}

Linda said...

Thnk you, Judy, for the kind words. I can't stand people who get on a power trip. Yep, they should be slapped around a bit. I just pray all will go well, she'll finish and be home in April. My heart is still breaking. Wishing you a good week.

Sandra Knapp said...

I'm so sorry Linda, and you have every right to be worried and concerned. I really hope that things will improve for her with the military, because if she's having such serious problems, and they are ignored, it could mean major problems for her down the road. At her age, she doesn't need to have her back messed up for life because of some power-hungry hot-headed Sargeant. Her family problems are a shame too, but I'm sure there is nothing you can do about that either, other than to continue giving your Granddaughter all the moral support possible. And I know you are already doing that.

Hang in there, and hopefully, in the end, everything will be properly taken care of. My heart goes out to both of you. :)

Linda said...

Thank you so much, Sandie. I'm trying to stay positive and keep her positive too. She did see a different base doctor on Monday; he says she doesn't have disc degeneration, but rather pulled muscles!! Anyway, she's scheduled for physical therapy and she's been put on restricted activities. One good thing is, she tests out on the Black Hawk helicopter on Thursday, and she has 1 more helicopter to complete her training. She says her class instructor is very understanding and easy to get along with; she was told to do as much as she can, when she feels she can. My prayers are being answered, little by little. I'm still a bit nervous and worried, though.
Hope you're having a great week and some good weather. God bless.