Monday, January 20, 2014


So the green experiment turned out beautiful.  I'm so happy with the results; can't wait to get it spun up.  2 pounds of each, the painted and the mottled.  I'm planning on blending both together on the blending board; maybe add a little black wool to make the colors "pop"!!  And then....knit it into an Aran sweater....for myself!

I'm calling the colors "shades of Ireland".


The top picture isn't color true.  The shades are actually much darker green.  Don't know what happened there.  When I downloaded them, they looked just fine.

Anywho, the brown mottled didn't turn out as brown as I thought.  It's more of a peachy/gold ombre.  That's ok.  It is beautiful.  And will be blended with a solid light brown.  I hope.  But that's the fun with experimentation.  Never know what's really going to come out of the pot, but as long as it's within the same color range, I'm happy!

So the peachy/gold is just about dry.  Pictures to come soon.

Now....onward and upward.  Gotta get out the other tote of white wool.

Wishing you a day of fiber fun!!


Sandra Knapp said...

As green is my favorite colour, I am liking your roving very much. Looking forward to seeing it spun and plied. Amazing how the finished yarn will differ from the roving you start out with. Surprises me all the time. But with green as the main color, you can't go wrong. LOL

Linda said...

Me too, Sandie! I love green! Especially a dark forest or Kelly green. It might be a while till I get the yarn spun up, but I'll be posting pictures for sure. Hope you're on your way to a great week!