Saturday, November 19, 2011

Crap!........  Didn't get the Christmas lights up outside yesterday.  It started out a sunny morning --- but cold, 17 degrees.  No problem.  By the time I get done with breakfast, laundry and straightening up, it'll be warmer.  BH advises not to go outside til about 10:30 or so.  He's always got my back!

Well, as we're sitting in the family room, with our toast and coffee, watching Matlock (love that show), the sun disappears, the clouds take over.  It's extremely grey outside - threatening snow - and the temp doesn't seem to be moving any.

I don't function on grey days.  Especially not outside.  This job gets put on hold for another day.  Besides, what am I thinking??  I never put lights up before Thanksgiving!!  Please.  One holiday at a time.  Give it a chance to come and go, let the hoopla subside before moving on to the next big all-encompassing season.

And it did snow.  A nice thick dusting over everything.  The temps never did get to the projected 39 degrees.  The thermometer stuck at 33. 

Besides, we always put lights up outside when it's 20 degrees or less, 2 feet of snow on the deck and winds blowing 30 m.p.h.  And grey.  Definitely grey.  It's the challenge that inspires us.

Today....I don't know.  There's still the bathroom to scrub.  There's the comforter from the guest room that needs to be washed.'s "Law&Order: Criminal Intent" day.  Vincent.  All day.  Good thing there's plenty of knitting to be done.

Speaking of knitting, I was putting the burgundy socks away the other day and I see that there are 2 other pair of mint green socks in storage.  Eeegadsss.  Yeah, they're different patterns.  One is actually the painted white with green heels and toes.  And I'm knitting a 3rd pair of mint green with painted white heels and toes. Yeah. I'm innovated that way!  Geezz. Why?  Because it's there! The last 6 ounces of it.  And the color doesn't really strike me as being knitted in any other item.  A mint green beret? scarf?  mitts?  I don't think so.

We're under a winter storm warning for today.  2" - 5" of snow predicted.  This should be interesting.  BH will be in the house with me all day (then I won't have to tend the woodstove! Yay!)

This week our local chain pharmacy is having a sale on Christmas paraphenalia.  They inserted a grocery bag in the newspaper: "Fill this bag and get 20% off everything inside".  What a deal!!!  I need more lights, some pine garland, Christmas cards, candy, maybe I'll even find a gift or two.  So off I go........oh, that bag was filled all right!  Brimming over the top.  A feeling of triumph and satisfaction overtook me! (Usually, the pharmacy is out of everything I'm looking for when they have these sales).  I got it all!!

Proudly and somewhat smug, I put the bag on the counter for check-out.  The cashier immediately tells me: "You know the 20% doesn't apply to items already on sale".  Why no.  I didn't know that.  I suppose everything I have is on sale....yeah, I think everything I have is on sale.

"Well, let's see how it rings up", she says. "Sale; sale; sale; sale......"  On and on it goes.  But, it turns out, everything in the bag was at 50% off!!!  Hurray!!  And we all know from elementary school math class that 50% is much more than 20%!!!  Now I'm doing the happy dance in my head!!  So, I said to her: "I think I made out better!"  She whole-heartedly agreed: "You certainly did!"

When I got home, I relayed this episode to BH.  "Wow!  Good job!", he says.  "Yeah, well you can take this stupid brown bag with the '20% off' written all over it and use it in the woodstove", was my final comment on the subject.

Take that, Pharmacy that thinks you can dupe people into thinking 20% off  full price (3x the price of a big-box store) is some kind of a deal!

You don't know who you're messin' with!!

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