Thursday, November 17, 2011

How's By You?..........

So yesterday we took the jaunt into town.  Picked up 2 - 20# bags of rock salt, 2-40# of black oil sunflower seeds for the chickadees, a 15-roll pack of paper towels, a new battery for the house phone, son's Christmas gift, and some odds and ends.  Now I have 2 people taken care of on the Christmas list.  This makes me very happy.  We know what the others are getting, but that won't be done till next month. The budget, you know.

Then we went grocery shopping for the Thanksgiving feast.  The store had a sale on turkeys -- you paid per pound according to how much you spent.  Hence, I got a 24 1/2 bird for ------- 39 cents a pound!!!!  That's right -- $9.55 for the bird!  Of course, you had to spend $100.00 or more.  Hey, it's the holiday meal, no problem!  Some of the groceries were everyday meal items too.   So we're set for the next 2 weeks or so.

And it was cold yesterday!  Yikes!  The high was 27 degrees (I really wish the keyboard had "cents" and "degree" symbol).  The wind was pretty strong, too.  So it felt like 14 degrees!  Then it started to snow.  A light, but blowing snow.  Didn't accumulate, thank goodness.  I need a few days of local traveling on snow covered roads before I have to venture onto highways for long distance.  Gotta get my "snow feet" settled in.

After next week I have to get started on a couple of gifts to crochet -- slipper booties.  It's been a standing joke with my daughter in law in NY; has been for about 6 years now.  I told her she's in the "Slipper Booties of the Year Club"; 2 pair every Christmas.  I made 2 pair for my son last year also.  Wasn't sure if he would like or wear them, but he did --- as well as the grandson.  He immediately took 1 pair for himself.  So, we'll see how much time and stamina I have this year, maybe whip up 4 more pair.

Also hoping to get the gifts accumulated boxed and wrapped.  I'd like to get a jump on it so it doesn't have to be done all at once - like the day before packages have to be in the mail.

I'm thinking of defrosting the freezer today.  Oh, I got all the seasonal housecleaning done!!  Except for the bathroom, but that won't take long.  Yeah, so, I need to get that freezer done and re-organized.  Before the baking begins.  What's that?  Defrost the freezer?  Well, yes. It's about 50 years old, bought at an auction 18 years ago.  And still going strong.  Thank God.  Because it weighs a ton.  If it ever quits, it's going to take an Amish village to move it outta here.  Oh, and that's not all.  We have another one; purchased 17 years ago.  It has the sticker on the inside of the top "International Harvester, 1950".  Yeah. 2 monster freezers. Sitting side by side.  One is an upright, the other a chest.  Both weigh a ton each.  That's empty.  But there's food inside them.  The upright is the "everyday-go-to" and the chest is for "stocking up".  Right now everything is helter-skelter.  Need to be organized.  Will do.  I hope.

We got the storm windows up Tuesday night.  I scrubbed the metal frames clean on them.  After 20 years, the gunk that accumulated was disgusting. Blaahhhgg.  Now they're all shiny and clean.  BH washed the windows after the scrubbing. He prides his window washing abilities.  So I think that's it.  We're now officially ready for winter.  Bring it on!  But....not too much til after all the long distance shopping is completed, I hope.

Still plying the denim blue singles.  On the 4th bobbin of plied.  Looks like I should wind up with 6, maybe 7+ bobbins of yarn, approximately 3 1/2 ounces each.  That's a good thing.  Of course, all this playing around will take a back seat in a couple of weeks.  The wheels will sit idle til Christmas week, if not after.  That makes me sad.  Makes my fingers itch.  Gives me the heebie jeebies.

Well that's enough fodder for today.  Hope you all have a great day, great weather and accomplish all you set out to do.


Denise said...

Your temperatures made my bones hurt, at the thought. Memories of Western NY.

Highs in the 70's here. I go out and stand in the sunshine on my breaks at work.

Don't tire yourself out to much.

Judy said...

I had an old freezer...when I plugged it in the towns electric dimmed! Just kidding it was problem free but it did cost a lot to run it and I found a newer one on freecycle. I am crossing my fingers that it works as well and as long as the other.