Saturday, November 12, 2011

I LOVE Vincent D'Onofrio!!.........

There, I said it.  I've been wanting to say it for a very long time.  BH knows it; he's cool with it.  He affords me my Saturdays for the "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" marathon.  9:00am to 5 or 6 pm.  Depending if there's some sports thingy.  Or the station decides to air "The Unit".  Geezz.  Really???  You put that on instead of another hour of Vincent?  Unbelieveable.

Anywho, I try never to make plans on Saturday, especially to be out of the house. Yes, there were the craft shows last week, but that was kind of my way of saying "I do not have a L&O: C I addiction.  I can give it up any time".  Secretly, I missed it; thought about it all day.  What episode was I missing, was it one of my favorites?  Can I make it through the rest of the day not hearing his voice and seeing his face?  I had to shut my mind off from it completely - I can handle it.

I  admit that this might be getting out of control.  I now find myself perusing Netflix to see if there's any movies with Vincent that I might have missed.  I did find one recently.  Oh yeah. It's on my list.  Coming here soon.  A couple months ago, son was telling me about a movie I never heard of.  About an Irish gangster in Ohio.  He never heard of the lead actor; I never heard of him.  Son started telling me all the actors in the movie.  As soon as he said "Vincent D'Onofrio", I said "that's it; I'm sold; don't go any further; I LOVE that guy!"  And I ordered the movie.  It came in a couple of days and BH and I watched it immediately.  It didn't disappoint!  I still never heard of or saw most of the actors in it.  Who cares.

And it doesn't bother me that he's gotten older, more grey, a bit heavier (haven't we all!).  It's all so appealing!  He's brash, rough-around-the-edges, no-nonsense.

Unfortunately (and this is heartbreaking), I can only watch the show's repeats.  We don't have cable, so I can't tune into the new episodes (if they're even still playing) on the cable network.  Damn.  I keep trying to convince BH that we should get cable -- you know, for the Yankee's baseball games, boxing matches, old movies.  He isn't buying it yet; but I'm not giving up.  Still, I can handle this; it's not a problem.

Not to sound fickle, but I LOVE Tom Selleck too!  I'm addicted to "Blue Bloods".  And, of course, the "Jesse Stone" movies.  I've loved him since "Magnum P.I".  Oh yeah, he was younger; I was younger.  He lived a lifestyle I could only dream about.  He was a ladies man.  I didn't care.  But now that we've both gotten older better, there's just something about his mature, suave, handsome persona that makes my heart flutter. Totally, the other end of the spectrum. So Friday night, at 8:00pm CT, no one calls, no one visits.  No one better! I will not be denied!  It's my hour to escape, to dream, to...........never mind.

Sometimes BH and I get on the subject of what I will do after he has passed away. It's not as morbid as it sounds.  We talk of finances, where I would live, what I would do with my life.  And he always brings up "yeah, you'll probably find yourself a big, rich woodsman to marry; you'll forget about me".  To which I reply:  "Ohhhhh Noooo.  No more men for me.  I've had enough.  No one could take your place; I wouldn't want anyone else.  I will live my life alone and stay busy with the kids and grandkids".

But, that's unless I hear from Vincent or Tom, which I don't tell BH.  It'll just be my little secret.  Right now I'm hearing the song "To Dream the Impossible Dream......"   Great.  That'll be stuck in my head all day!


Denise said...

For me it was the British shows on PBS. They messed up after this last telethon and are playing old movies between British comedy.

Anything happens to Duane, I done finished, will be a lonely old widow. Unless, Jimmy Page or Robert Irvine come available and look in my direction. Duane knows this.

sell said...
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Bev said...

Hi Linda! I completely understand you Vincent D'Onofrio addiction. Your story sounds like something very close to mine. I to love him. So much so that I started a FB fan club for all fans out there. I'm going to share your post with the club.

Billygrl said...

I so identify with your VDO adoration. I think you'll enjoy reading my blog about Vincent Let me know what you think.