Monday, November 14, 2011

Some Photos..........

 The Targhee roving; "Indian Corn"

 The colors don't show up as dark as they are in the roving photo.  This is really nice roving.  Going to be plied with copper color (yet to be spun) and navy blue singles.

 The blues.  Merino in the middle; Romney(?)/Columbia on the two ends. Working on plying this now; got 8 bobbins of singles.  Hoping for a sweater with 5 bobbins of 3 ply of similar colored blue.

 3-ply yarn, first bobbin of those above.  Color above is truer - light denim blue.  Damn camera.

 These socks are soooo soft and squishy! Waffle patterning; I think it's more of the Columbia/Romney wool.  (I gotta do a better job of tagging my wools).

 UFO; hand dyed, painted Merino, both the mint green and white.  So soft! Barred Rib is the pattern.

 Apples from our tree; dehydrated.  Turned out very well --- according to BH and son --and his bunny!

Still haven't gotten the black shawl w/beads pressed yet; hopefully before the week is out.
That's all for now.

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