Saturday, November 26, 2011

Onward and Upward.......

So, Thanksgiving turned out ok.  Food was good.  Except..........I think there's something wrong with the oven thermostat.  Thankfully, the turkey did get done......even if it was an hour later than planned!  I was getting pretty nervous.  "Oh, please, please, please don't crap out on me now! Pleeeez let this bird get done before you decide to totally die on me!"

.......OMG!  This post was waaayyy longer; hit the "publish" button; wanted me to enter my password.  Did, 4 times.  "not valide password".....????  I had to reset my password, and this is what appeared in today's blog ---- 1 paragraph!!  Is anyone else having problems with Google blog?

Anyway, as I was saying before I was soooo rudely interrupted...... so, I started thinking maybe that's why the pies were taking so long to bake the day before.  Crap.  Now I spent the rest of the afternoon panicking over what we would have for dinner should the 24# bird and stuffing need to be "86'd".  Geezzz.  Are the restaurants open today??  Should I order a bucket of chicken now?  Is there any meat in the freezer I can pull out quickly?? (only hamburg).  Ehh, we'll have enough with the sweet potatoes, squash, mashed potates and stuffing.  We'll all have a good laugh!!

Well, the turkey eventually got done and we had a nice dinner.  Sonwhoisthetechie left for home yesterday afternoon.  Sonwholivesnearby and daughter are still here.  I suggested to BH last night that we would take them home today.  He seemed sort of disappointed.  But, hey, I gotta get back to my routine.  There are things to be done.

I set up the wheel this morning and spun for about 1 1/2 hours.  Yeah. It had to be put away on Wednesday to make room for extending the dining table.  The knitting also had to be hidden from "grandchild" bunny, who loves to explore the knitting bag.

While perusing the store ads yesterday, I see that one has a couple of items we planned for Christmas gifts on sale.  I would really like to get there today and pick them up.  You know.  Before they're "out of stock".  Yeah.  The sale price is soooo have to wonder if these things are really "in stock"!!

The weather this week is supposed to be mild and sunny.  Sure hope we can get the lights up outside.  Then I have to go over to the storage house and dig out the acrylic yarn (ack, ack) for daughter-in-law's slipper boots.  You don't want to make anything out of wool for this girl.......everything goes in the washing machine....with other assorted articles of clothing (read: jeans, jackets, towels, blankets, etc).  I love her to death, but she has no regard for "handle with care".

Well, everyone is still sleeping, so now is the perfect time to slice myself a piece of apple pie and get a fresh cup of coffee.  Then it's back to spinning.  I love routine.


Denise said...

Our turkey was done pretty quick. I bought an electric roaster for $19.99 at the Wal-mart.

Our oven runs hot, but it's the size of a doll house.

Glad your dinner turned out for you. Hope they have the sale items you want still in stock.

Judy said...

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. I too love a routine and I feel out of sorts when it is messed with. Hope you have good weather we are due for rain....better than snow for now at least.