Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ehhh.....My Bad.........

So, we met with daughter's Social Security rep yesterday.  I was ready.....boy, was I ready.  I had every piece of documentation and more.  We sat down, she started to explain to daughter the reason for the re-certification, and started about why she couldn't talk to me.  Here's were I stopped her.......

"yeah, about that....I called the main SS office and talked with Mr.--------.  He said my name is indeed listed as person to share info with.  He told me to tell you it's Special Message #2.  It's been there since 2007."   To which she responded.....

"Yes, well, that's just a calling center."   WHAAATTTT??!!  Against my better judgement and rising blood pressure, I immediately shut down; took it down a few notches.  And started listening.

She did this and that, asked some questions, plunked away on her calculator, noticed discrepancies in daughter's SS record.  Things that were never changed in her behalf, things that were never explored previously.

It turned out all was good.  Daughter will be well taken care of for the rest of her life ----- or until the government really screws it up.  We came away very satisfied and happy that all is well.  The rep was a very nice and examined everything thoroughly.  I felt like a dufus; I was embarrassed by my previous thoughts and voice.  But I thanked her sincerely and shook her hand as we left.  And I hope this is a lesson I will remember.

Now, about crafters: (I'll try to be nice here, remembering my "lesson")

When I decided to get into crafting, it was not to become a millionaire.  I was sick of seeing things I really loved, only to realize that I couldn't afford the price.  I am innovative, creative -- I know the costs of supplies; I knew I could do better for others who felt like me.

So I sallied forth.  Mostly creating my own designs, sometimes tweaking an object that appealed to me.  I took great care in all I made.  I put a lot of detail in my work; I asked a fair price.   I had great success over the years.  A lady who sold my crafts on consignment once told me my prices were too low, I should increase them.  I explained to her that I know what it costs to make a piece, I add a profit for myself, and that's it.  If something is fairly priced, I can make more money by volume, quality and variety than by pricing an object that only a few can afford.  My goal was to appeal to the masses.

And I did so for 10 years.  That's why I have a problem with those who think they can just throw any thing together, call it a craft and put a Macy's price tag on it.  No thought, no quality, no detail.  There is no "craft" in the process.

When someone says "you couldn't afford what it would cost for me to make this for you", I cringe.  Or how about "well, my supplies costs $x, and then I add my time multiplied by the hourly rate."  Whoa!!

For me, crafting has always been a love, a passion.  Something I wanted to share with others who sincerely appreciated the quality of my work; who became repeat customers, who recommended my products to others.

The beautiful comments I received about my work, diversity and detail is something I couldn't put a price on.  Don't get me wrong --- I didn't short change myself.  The money made was very satisfactory to me and I had a lot of pride in knowing customers went away knowing they had something beautiful and they could afford it, it was fair.   It was a craft .

So that's my diatribe.  I decided to give up creating decorative objects and concentrate on spinning and knitting.  So what I create, I plan to sell.  Right now I'm trying to stock up until the inventory is sufficient.  Hopefully, next year.  But if not then, I'll keep on with this passion that has taken over and I'm loving every minute of it.  Maybe the time will come when it'll all just be given away.  But the love that was put into every piece will fill my heart, if not my coffers.

And there you have it.  Wishing you all a beautiful, peaceful day.  And may you love whatever you're doing because it brings you happiness.

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Denise said...

I'm glad you were able to get everything all straightened out with your daughter's SS.

It sounds like you were fair.

I do hate when some shows I see people underselling themselves with prices I know are less than they paid for supplies. It lowers the value of other people's stuff.

Seems like I've always gotten customers who wanted to pay less than what I paid for supplies. So the making things to sell turns me off, anymore.