Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ehhhh.......No Thanks..........

Ehhh. Yeah. So I went to the NaBloPoMo website, perused a bit, and signed up.  Went back and perused more, reading thoroughly (as much as my brain would allow), checked different links.   Ummm......nah.  Never mind.  Too much work.  I don't like contests; I don't like "chats"; I really don't have time for all that fiddlin' around.  Not for me.

So that's the end of that venture.

Anywho, we never made it to the recycling center yesterday because a pressing issue came up Tuesday night.  My handicapped daughter called to say she got a phone message from Social Security, informing her she missed her appointment Monday; they've been trying to reach her numerous times; and unless she contacts them in the next 2 days, her benefits will be terminated.

Holy Shit!! Now my blood is starting to boil; my stomach is doing flips; I am pissed!  Daughter is very upset, to say the least.  She tells me there has never been missed calls from them; she checks her caller ID every day, even if the light's not blinking.  They said they sent her a letter about the appointment; she doesn't remember receiving a letter.  "Ok. I'll call them tomorrow and get this straightened out", says I.

Daughter calls me back a bit later.  She found the letter.  Yep. Dated Oct. 6; scheduled appointment for Oct. 31.  Aaarrrrgggghhhh. I never received a copy of the letter, which I am supposed to get copies of anything sent to her.

So, I begin the foray of contacting SS and arranging for another appointment, and finding out what it's all about and what she needs to do.

After many attempts to reach the office - phone number that rings and turns into a FAX machine whistle and excessive pinging; automated recordings that have nothing to do with what I'm calling about and give me no other options; an extension number for the contact person, that, when her phone is answered  on the other end, suddenly disconnects; and when I do get through, it's her voice mail.

So I leave a message, hoping she'll return my call within a half hour. Hehehehe!!! Never happened.  At 1:00, I call again.  She answers.  Hear the "Halleluja Chorus"????  So I start to explain the situation, telling her that I am the mother, I'm listed as the contact/share info person.  After a few seconds of her checking my daughter's account, SS woman tells me I am not listed.

And here we go:
"I have been her contact person for many, many years.  How did I get unlisted?"
SS rep: "Well, we've changed systems and there are new rules that now apply"

ME: "But I still receive a copy of her monthly benefits statement every month"
SS rep: "It's probably a glitch in the computer system.  The only way you can be re-instated as the contact person is you would have to apply to be her "Payee".

ME: "No. no. no. no.  I have NEVER been her Payee.  She's been on SSI for many, many years.  I don't understand why this is such a big problem now!"

(Ok. Take it down a notch. You're speaking with a govenment rep who has the power to screw up your daughter's life.)

ME: "So what do we do? Can we schedule another appointment? What does she need to bring in?"
SS rep: "Yes, we'll reschedule.  You can come in with your daughter.  She will have to bring in 2 years of xyz and 1 month of abc."

Done.  Rescheduled.  But I'm not through.  Later that afternoon I try to call back to speak with a supervisor.  Of course.  Automated recordings; none of my subject; "I'm sorry. I cannot understand what you are asking for. Perhaps if I list the categories......." (automated recording). And there is a waiting time of 20 minutes before a rep may answer.  I try the main phone number.  I just want to ask a question.  "Enter your SS number".......I hang up. I'm shaking with rage.

I go to the website.  After much bally-who, I finally find that the main office is open at 7:00am. Ah Ha!!! That's the ticket.  I will be calling at 7:01!!  And I did. I got a very, very nice and apologetic rep.  He found it immediately.  I AM listed as a contact person, and have been since 2007.  How do I tell this woman at our SS office how to find this information?  He gives me the "special message" number and section where it's located.  "It's right there", he tells me.

Haaalllleeeeluja!  Haaallleeeluja!!! Thank you! Thank you!  He was soooo helpful, answered a few more questions, gave me some other information.  But he apologized -- for the threatening phone call daughter received, and for the local rep's carelessness.  He apologized!  You know, sometimes that's all you need to feel vindicated; to feel human again.

So, come Monday morning, I will have all my ducks in a row, all the information required, the inside scoop.  I will be loaded for bear!  And there might even be a request to speak with the Supervisor.  Oh yeah. I will get my 2 pounds of flesh!

I'm thorough that way.  Haaalllleeejjjuaaa!!!


Denise said...

The new site that NaBloPoMo is hosted sucks. It's all screwed up this year, since Blogher took it over. I just did what most probably do, gave them my link and e-mail and went about my business.

Sorry about what you went through yesterday. Government agencies can put you through Hell.

melbatoast68 said...

Oh dear! That sounds like a HUGE headache. Hope everything is fixed. It took me years to get my name change correct and somehow in the process they changed my birthday. Now, according to SS I am a year younger....I wish I felt a year younger. Still working on this one, even though they have my birth certificate on file. Duh! Good luck!