Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So I've been seeing this on everyone's blog: NaBloPoMo (did I get that right?) I had no idea what the heck this meant.  It took me several blog sites to finally see what the hub-bub was about.  Oooohhhh. Ok. I'm game.  I guess we're supposed to blog every day for the month.

Ok.  I've just finished writing out some bills; gathered the rest which will have to be paid next week.  Because for #1: we had to order propane last week.  Usually get 200 gallons; it lasts us 2 years!  But this time it had to be only 100's $2.64 a gallon!!   Of course, BH has to remind me that when we first bought the house, 20 years ago, we were paying $.78 a gallon.  That's seventy-eight cents. What the Hell!!!  Oh, and then there's the separate bill from the propane company for the service call.....when I thought I smelled gas.....yeah. $ tell me my imagination was getting away with me.  Well, it's cheaper than a psychologist to tell me that, so I guess I came out on top on this one.

Oh. And #2:  I get my first Social Security check next week!!! Yahooooo!!!  Big money, big money!!!  Ehhhh, yeah.  That should be enough to pay the rest of the bills.  I hope there's money left over for Thanksgiving grocery shopping.   No. Really.  Thank God the freezer is full; won't need any groceries til then.  And we don't mind eating leftovers.....and more leftovers.

We're taking a trip the aluminum recycling center.  BH has 4 big bags of cans and stuff.  They're paying $.52 per pound.  Hey, every little bit helps!  Maybe it'll be enough to cover the gas we'll use to get there....50 miles way.  BH's thought is that he's getting rid of them; making room in the basement.....for more wood.  Okey dokey, then.  Whatever floats your boat.

Let's see....what else is going on.......nothing.  More spinning, of course.  And knitting.  I did take some pictures yesterday; want to take more before I post them.   Soon........pretty soon.

You all have a great day!  And remember: NaBloPoMo!


Denise said...

Go to the Blogher page and have your blog added to the blog role. There is a link on my blog. They are drawing for prizes. Every Wednesday is a $50 visa gift card.

I'm a helper type person:

You might be able to get help from Federal programs like foodstamps and HEAP. You can Google those two programs.

If you call around to local churches, some of them give out nice Thanksgiving food baskets. We received a nice one last year from a Baptist Church, when we didn't have much.

Linda said...

Thanks for all the info, Denise.